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ニューヨークタイムズベストセラー「THE BLUE ZONES 2ndEDITION」

 監修・翻訳をした国立大学法人琉球大学教授 医学博士 荒川 雅志教授も推薦!




A worldwide hot topic on NETFLIX We investigated the world's five largest longevity regions. "Blue Zone" new york times bestseller "THE BLUE ZONES 2nd EDITION" A professor at Ryukyu University, a national university corporation, supervised and translated the text. Recommended by Professor Masashi Arakawa, Doctor of Medicine! ``Blue Zone'', Japan's largest production area and the world's 5 largest longevity regions Purely made in Okinawa, with no pesticides and safe ingredients. I recommend spring turmeric! ”


spring turmeric

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