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PEACE 乾杯! インターナショナル寿司作り ビジネスマッチングイベント
PEACE 乾杯! インターナショナル寿司作り ビジネスマッチングイベント




PEACE 乾杯! インターナショナル寿司作り ビジネスマッチングイベント

出前館創業者 花蜜幸伸氏 登壇! PEACE 乾杯!で世界の皆と寿司を握り、平和を誓う ビジネスマッチングイベント。 Demae-kan founder Yukinobu Hanamitsu will be on stage! PEACE Cheers! Let's make sushi with everyone around the world and pledge peace. Business matching event.


2024年6月29日 19:00 – 21:30

那覇市, 日本、〒900-0014 沖縄県那覇市松尾2丁目10−1 第一牧志公設市場 3F




18:30~  開場

19:00~19:30 寿司握り体験

19:30~20:00 花蜜氏トーク&乾杯


20:00~21:30 会食








■Schedule 18:30~ Doors open 19:00-19:30 Sushi making experience 19:30-20:00 Hanamitsu talk & toast (Live distribution) 20:00~21:30 Dinner  ■Free drinks and free business card exchange during the event time  ■What is included in the price ・8 pieces of sushi, miso soup ・Beer, sake, white wine, sparkling ・SHUGO DENSETSU (UKON SUPPLIMENT)

This event will feature Masahiro Sake Brewery (awamori maker) and Ryukyu Sakego Densetsu (alcohol accompaniment, turmeric supplement). There will also be tastings of awamori and other drinks, as well as a free bottle of the legendary drinker Harukon (1 bottle).



Guest speaker: Koushin Hanamitsu In 1999, he founded Dream Town Creation Committee Co., Ltd. (current company name: Demae-kan Co., Ltd.). In 2013, returned to Demae-kan Co., Ltd. as a special advisor. Later, due to the stock price crash of Demae-kan, he was charged with violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and lost everything. Despite having debts of 1 billion yen, he devotes all his energy to running Pet No Sato, a shelter that aims to eliminate the killing of dogs and cats. We have started a campaign to change the words used in toasts to "PEACE" throughout the world.

寿司握り講師:原 透悦




Sushi make instructor: Toetsu Hara Opened a kappo restaurant and sushi restaurant in Tokyo, and a yakitori restaurant in Azabu-Juban. Currently, he is a rare Japanese cuisine chef in Okinawa. They serve nutritious dishes that incorporate fish and vegetables from Okinawa.



※In order to improve the event schedule and content of the day, slight changes may be made. In that case, we will notify you on our website, etc.


  • 6/29 PEACE 乾杯! インターナショナル寿司作り 

    出前館創業者 花蜜幸伸氏登壇による、世界の皆と世界の平和を誓うPEACE乾杯と寿司作り ビジネスマッチングイベントです。 寿司とお酒、ソフトドリンクの料金は含まれています。 Demae-kan founder Koushin Hanamitsu gave a toast to PEACE and made sushi, pledging peace for everyone and the world. This is a business matching event. The price includes sushi, alcohol, and soft drinks.

    手数料 +¥250




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